Tebeka’s Legal Aid Clinics

Far too frequently, Ethiopian immigrants in Israel are harmed by companies, private individuals and public authorities who take advantage of their vulnerability and cultural unfamiliarity with the “rules of the game.” When such incidents occur, Tebeka has become the address for Ethiopian Israelis who seek advice, intervention and legal assistance. The result is a better-informed Ethiopian Israeli populace whose members are aware of their rights and responsibilities, and equipped with the tools to claim them.
Tebeka’s legal aid clinics operate in areas with high concentrations of Ethiopian immigrants – Netanya, Hadera, Rehovot and Beer-Sheva. Tebeka attorneys provide initial legal counseling, referrals if needed, and full legal representation to hundreds of individuals each year. These services are offered free of charge in both Hebrew and Amharic. Cases requiring legal representation that are handled by Tebeka primarily fall under the categories of education, employment, housing and discrimination.
These are areas of law in which Ethiopian Israelis consistently experience injustices and seek out legal assistance. Other cases requiring full representation are generally referred to partnering pro bono law firms, legal aid organizations, or to the Ministry of Justice’s Legal Aid Bureau.
For more information, see our Annual Report.