Youth for Justice

The Youth for Justice Program: Tebeka’s Youth for Justice Program operates under the umbrella of the Center for Children’s Rights. Its aim is to create a well-informed citizenry among Israel’s younger generation and to foster their lifelong commitment to community service. The program is designed to acquaint Israeli high school students of both Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian descent with the fundamentals of democracy, the Israeli legal system, and the importance of social justice. The curriculum encourages students to closely examine their rights and obligations as Israeli citizens. A group of highly dedicated Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian Israeli law students lead the workshops, and serve simultaneously as successful role models.
The program involves eight groups of high school students in four under-served neighborhoods who participate in 16 workshops covering lessons in civics and learning critical tools to address conflict-resolution and build self-esteem. Workshop topics include civil rights, the legal system, equality, tolerance, pluralism and current events. Simulation games are conducted to help internalize the concepts being taught. Participants also visit Israel’s High Court of Justice, meet with law enforcement officials, conduct a moot court at a university campus, and initiate community service projects of their own design.