75,000 NIS compensation for serious racist statements

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Y׳ is a soldier who served in the IDF and was shamed in several incidents by the commander of the course he was sent to – the serious incident happened at a base in the north of the country, where trains young soldiers from different courses – during one of the breaks in the course, Y׳ called his younger brother to ask how he was and at that time the course commander arrived and asked from him to disconnect the cell phone and when he didn’t do so, she began cursing: “A stinking Ethiopian”, “F*** your mother”, and this in front of her friend, command staff and Y’s friends.

On another occasion, during lunch, the commander addressed her colleagues and in the attendance of Y’s friends, with the shocking words: “You smelly Ethiopian, I’m dying to see when you will finish the course, go f*** yourself. Y׳ was shocked by the racist remarks directed at him and forwarded his complaint to senior officials at the base – the commander was punished with 14 days of confinement and was dismissed from her position. Y׳ turned to the Tebeka association to find his legal rights according to the law.

The Tebeka association recently represented Y׳ and filed a defamation lawsuit in court. Recently (June 2022) a judgment was given an compensation in the amount of NIS 75,000 that was awarded to Y׳. Y is grateful for the legal assistance he received and for the justice done to him.

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