Tebeka filling a lawsuit for racist statements

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G’ is a young man who works as a senior security guard in the center of the country, where entry to the classified facility requires an entry permit.

About two months ago, D’ arrived to the government facility and wanted to enter without an entry permit. She was told that without this permit she would not be able to enter.D’ claimed that she had come just to visit her friend who works there. However G’ explained again that he has to see an entry permit as required. D’, who didn’t like this answer turned to G’ shouting and saying:

“Who are you? You don’t know me! I’m going in without asking you…!”

D’ continued to argue on the spot and even escalated the tones in front of G’s friends and shouted curses:

“These Ethiopians got an a*s, come on, come on, s**t up you ni**er, and deal with people at your level”.

G’ did his job faithfully and in accordance with the procedures. He didn’t expect such disgraceful, racist, insulting, and humiliating treatment. He remained shocked and humiliated in front of his friends.

The event ended after the involvement of the security guard.

The humiliated G’, who couldn’t help himself from shame and sorrow, decided not to give up and turned to The Tebeka Association, which is currently working to exhaust the legal proceedings and file a lawsuit in court for the disgraceful racist statements.

We asking anyone who has been harmed by racist behavior/racist statements to contact us at 072-2424622.

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