Compensation of NIS 100,000 for Serious Racist Statements

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“Go back, go back to your corral. Go back to the corral. They don’t let you in the club, so you come here to vent your nerves? You are not allowed to enter a club in Israel, so you come here to be a man with the Palestinians? Was the whole family brought up from Ethiopia, or did they stay in Ethiopia because they are not the right color? This is how they screw you in Israel, so you come here feeling like men. Why aren’t you allowed to enter the club in Israel? Maybe here in the village they will let you enter the club, and they will treat you with more respect than in Israel… zero, zero.”

is a normative, law-abiding citizen who serves as a police officer on regular duty. One day, S. and his friends were called to one of the settlements beyond the Green Line for operational activity. During that operation, S. and his friends drove away dozens of people who blocked the road to the settlement, burned tires, and threw stones at the force. B., a citizen and resident of Israel who was present at the scene, approached S. and his friends and addressed S. with arrogance, disdain, and a clear intention to humiliate him due to his origin, doing so in front of his friends. S., surprised by B.’s offensive statements, froze in place, unable to believe what he was hearing. The humiliated S., overwhelmed with shame and grief, decided not to give up and turned to Tebeka, which filed a civil lawsuit in court for defamation.

Tebeka represented S. and filed the defamation lawsuit in court. Recently, a judgment awarded S. compensation in the amount of NIS 100,000. S. expressed gratitude for the legal assistance he received and the justice that was served.

We urge anyone who has been harmed by racist behavior or racist statements to contact us at 072-2424622.

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