Demand for the Disqualification of a Racist Textbook

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G is the parent of a 6-year-old boy, studying in the first grade. G is a very active and devoted father who frequently helps his son with homework. One day, when G sat down to prepare homework together with his son, he was amazed to discover that in his son’s textbook, there was a task of drawing a nest between a picture and a description, with the word “negroes” associated with a picture of two dark-skinned girls.

G was shocked by the fact that even in 2024, there are textbooks that hasten to publish and teach words recognized in the ruling as racist, even amounting to defamation.

The aggrieved G turned to the Tebeka association, which promptly sent a letter to the Minister of Education with a demand to act immediately as follows:

  1. Cause the book to be disqualified immediately and prohibit any use and distribution of its contents.
  2. Conduct a thorough examination of all books approved by the Ministry of Education and disqualify those containing offensive and racist content.


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