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Close to the Passover holiday, we were approached by D’, a young man with no criminal record who finished his military service – in an elite unit in the IDF – received marks of excellence, contributed and continues to contribute to the security of the Israel. D’, who has been dating his girlfriend for several years, decided to surprise her and propose to her on the beach. His friends came to D’ to help him to organise the place. During the preparations on the beach, two policemen appeared, and demanded to know what are they doing and even demanded to show them their identity cards. D’ understood that their request was illegitimate and this was due to the fact that they had no reasonable suspicion of such a demand. D’ tryed to explain the police what they tried to do, but he found himself handcuffed and taken to the police station.

A few months after the incident D’ found out that he has a police record, which feels to him as a real stain on his life. D’ planned to apply for a public office and was worried that the police record would reduce his chances of being accepted, as well as the fact that he had a police record (for interfering a police officer while performing official duties), which was not true at all. D’ contacted The Tebeka Association in order to assist him in deletion this police record. The Tebeka association worked vigorously and, to our delight, was able to assist in deletion the police record. D’ got a chance to open a new chapter in his life and was grateful for the assistance he received.

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