Rakia: Beyond The Horizon

Rakia is a program designed to advance outstanding Ethiopian-Israelis at the start of their careers in leadership roles in the public, academic and business sectors. Rakia was established in 2012 and has 14 participants annually.

Na’arei Din: Youth For Justice

Na’arei Din is a program that introduces disadvantaged students in grades 9-12 to the concepts of democracy, economics, civil rights, the Israeli legal system, and the importance of social justice. Lawyers and law students, both Ethiopian and non-Ethiopian, run workshops for the teenagers of diverse backgrounds and serve as role models.

Tebeka fellowship for Ethiopian-Israeli law students

Promising law students are recruited to assist Tebeka lawyers in providing counsel to Ethiopian-Israelis who seek help in a full range of legal issues. The students gain valuable experience at the same time that they contribute to the community. Tebeka’s lawyers and senior advisors also prepare them for their legal internships—a vital step in launching their professional careers. For law students who do not have established social networks to draw on, this pre-intership program ensures them of wise and