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Tebeka is fully funded through the generous support of our donors, and we deeply appreciate all gifts. Gifts made in Israel or the United States, and gifts above £50 in the United Kingdom are 100% tax-deductible.


For the benefit of Ethiopian-Israelis and Israeli society

Today, there are over 144,000 Ethiopian Jews in Israel. Tebeka is the only Israeli NGO with the first-hand knowledge, legal expertise and dedication to respond to the challenges faced by the community—from racism and discrimination to the struggle to achieve equality before the law to make Israel a more just society.


The scope of Tebeka's outreach

Ethiopian-Israelis throughout the country seek out the counsel of Tebeka’s attorneys. Tebeka has offices in RishonLeZion, Netanya, Rehovot and PetachTikva. Each year, over a thousand Ethiopian-Israelis from all walks of life receive time-sensitive pro bono legal guidance in Hebrew and Amharic.


Tebeka's talented attorneys

Tebeka is led by the first-generation of Ethiopian-Israelis to earn advanced academic degrees and expertise in their field of law. They have chosen to pursue careers dedicated to justice, empowerment of their community and the betterment of Israeli society. They are supported by senior legal specialists who provide pro bono guidance.

How Can You Donate?

How can I make a tax-deductible gift to advance the work of Tebeka?

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Tebeka – Advocacy for Equality & Justice for Ethiopian Israelis

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