The Battle for Justice

Tebeka’s free legal aid (and litigation when necessary) for Ethiopian-Israelis throughout the country. Each year, our staff attorneys will have responded to more than a thousand legal queries on time-sensitive matters of employment, education, housing, health and law enforcement and other issues.

Striving for Equality


Tebeka takes a multi-faceted approach to influencing justice and equality through policy and dialogue that is leading to sustainable change. Tebeka sets precedents in our litigation—and we work with varied authorities and decision makers to implement solutions to create legal and social equality.

Leading Change


Tebeka plays a lead role in proving to a new generation of Ethiopian-Israelis that Israel’s democratic processes work.

Each case opened at Tebeka affirms for Ethiopian-Israelis that they have legal recourse to battle discrimination and seek equality before the law.

A promise to the public


Tebeka (Amharic for “Advocate of Justice”) is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 and led by a group of educated professionals, Ethiopian-Israelis and their Israeli-born peers. Its aim is to pursue equality and justice, build the community’s resilience and capability, and strengthen its social fabric.

Tebeka achieves these outcomes by providing both legal aid and community empowerment programs.

Success Stories

Expunging wrongful police records

Tebeka provides legal counsel to teens and young adults in expunging unjustified police records and in 2018 has successfully closed four such cases in the course of months, and scores more will pursued. Young adults whose cases were expunged are now able to pursue employment and higher education unhindered. Tebeka…

A life-saving legal appeal

An Ethiopian-Israeli teenager was denied overseas medical care by his health plan. He suffered from a life-threatening condition. Medical experts deemed that treatment overseas offered him the most promising course of treatment—but his family did not have the means nor the resources to appeal the decision of the health plan….

Compensation for a mistreated employee

An Ethiopian-Israeli  father of five who worked as a driver for four years for a private employer was not paid his agreed-upon salary nor was he given his government mandated severance package. His case, litigated by Tebeka, resulted in the decision to provide the driver with NIS 62,000, the full…

Police brutality brought to justice

Tebeka’s legal arguments successfully created a rare instance in which the attorney general reopened a closed case allowing re-examination of the case of an Ethiopian-Israeli soldier who was brutally assaulted by a police officer with no provocation (documented on videotape).

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Are working towards the successful integration of the Ethiopian community into Israeli society

Leadership. Empowerment. Justice.

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